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Wow, my first~ :3 lease try to enjoy..umm, dear readers, prussia (i this story) must leave his pirate identity and be your bro. older bro. but i'll ame one about him as a pirate sometimes later.
Warning : the content is hentai... or atleast ecchi but... :3 well, thats it~


I was turning on my pc, ready for another boring day hen i notiuce my brother's room was too quiet. Gilbert is never this quiet. i decided to peek in, just to know about how things are. i walk in my pajama,headig to his door. my mouth fell as soon as i step into the entrance. white wallpper filled with unapropriate posters of...nude girls. "Whats this?!" i squealed, blushing slightly as he stands up, heading my direction. "You're just (desired age)." he replied, keeping his cold personality. "I...I'm telling mom..." i said,exiting. i went ot my room, half running and closing the door behind me. just when i sat infront of my computer, Prussia went inside,walking my directio and pins me on my chair. he has this wild grin on his face, causing me to blush. "W-what do you want...?" i asked, looking away still blushing. "Now sis, keep it a secret and the consequence wont hurt." he said, getting his afce closer. i closed my eyes and he was gone when i open them.

-----------------------------------TIME SKIP----------------------------------------------

Nothing happen. i start to think that he was just playing tricks on me. i lay on my bed, almost sleeping and when i do, a soft whisper wake me up. "et it start." he said. the next thing i saw was Prussia's familiar snicker as he pushed me by the chest,making me lay down on the edge of the bed. my head was hanging on the edge as he starts to kiss m breasts, slowly going to my belly. he stops, grinning and he pushed three fingers inside my private area. a loud mon escaped my lips and he grin even wider. after a few minutes which felt like forever, he pulled it out and place it infront of my face. "Clean it up, after all, it's yours." he said, smiling as i obey him and licks it off his fingers. he wipe his fingers on my bed sheet and stands up, exiting. "Thanks for the fun, sis. next time be a good girl and obey your brother." Prussia said, closing the door.


yay~ :3 hope chu like it
well, its my first so..
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x3 ikr
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